Koha - a helping hand

About Koha

Koha founder, Vivienne Thackray has over fifteen years of experience working and training in the public, private and voluntary sector. With a firm belief in supporting people to maximise their potential through learning, Vivienne founded Koha Learning & Development Consultancy. 

Having travelled extensively & worked as a teacher in Tibet & China, Vivienne has been fortunate to work with people from a variety of  backgrounds & cultures, enabling her to learn about alternative perspectives of knowledge & education. These experiences inform Koha's approach to learning. 

Vivienne holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and also lectures in the subject. Vivienne is also a certified  Neuro-Lingusitic Master Practitioner & life coach. All Koha learning & development sessions utilise cutting edge research from the field of positive psychology, the neural sciences and cognitive psychology. An in-depth knowledge of these wide ranging disciplines is used to develop individuals & organisations to achieve their maximum potential.

Vivienne is a CIPD qualified trainer and a member of the following professional bodies:

The International Positive Psychology Association 
The International Association of Applied Psychology

Koha – a Maori Custom

Koha is a New Zealand Maori custom where a gift or treasured possession is offered to a collective event, an example might be a gift from visitors to a host.

Sharing amongst all participants is an important part of a koha.

At Koha training events the trainer contributes their deep, specialist knowledge of the subject and Koha course participants are encouraged to share their own knowledge and experience with each other.

The Koha Symbol

Koha logoThe Koha symbol is a Hei-Matau fish hook. For the Māori, the hei matau is taonga (a cultural treasure). It represents not only their land, but also strength, prosperity, power and authority.

The Hei-Matau is also said to provide good luck as well as safe passage over water, for this reason it is often worn by travellers.