Koha Coaching and well-being
Koha Coaching and well-being

Business Psychology

All individual & organisational courses are led by qualified business psychologist, Viv Thackray.

Sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your workforce, contact Viv to discuss your requirements.

Koha for Organisations:

  • Profiling & improvement of organisational culture
  • Psychometric testing and analysis with teams
  • Actively engaging staff in all programmes
  • Team development including building resilience, developing emotional intelligence, stress management & other bespoke well being programs
  • Behaviour change across organisations
  • Successful Organisational Change and Restructure

Koha for Individuals:

  • Assessing and developing individual strengths.
  • Psychometric testing and analysis for individuals
  • Personal Coaching for Excellence
  • Mentorship programmes

Koha Coaching & Well-being

A supportive, motivating & focused approach is used to empower individuals to achieve their goals & potential. Creating an informal, relaxed space & time to examine specific issues of work, life & well-being.

All coaching sessions are designed to suit the learning style of the client. Working with the coach the client identifies the areas they wish to focus on. Areas for development can include working on specific performance skills, such as public speaking, presentations, confidence, interpersonal skills & career aspirations.

Koha Coaching employs psychologically grounded techniques to unlock your potential and enable you to flourish.

Koha also provides pro-bono coaching sessions for young people living in inner city areas of London.